Winsor & Newton Online Art Classes

Winsor & Newton Online Art Classes offer an introduction to two of the main Fine Art paint media; Oil and Acrylic. These classes are the opportunity to explore colour using the finest Winsor & Newton artist grade materials. Winsor & Newton believe in inspiring every artist in the world and under expert guidance students will uncover the unique characteristics of colour, learn the different qualities of paint and find out how best to apply and combine them. 

Winsor & Newton Art Classes offer tuition at four distinct levels. Introductory courses explore the tools, materials and surfaces specific to each type of paint. Intermediate courses offer instruction in specialised painting techniques and training in how to apply them. Advanced courses encourage students to apply, combine and experiment with these techniques to create personalised outcomes. Extended courses are the opportunity to explore an individual painting language. 

Each level is supplied by a specific Winsor & Newton paint range and all materials necessary for the course will be posted to students in advance. The course is designed to be followed from a restricted space such as a kitchen table and will be delivered online via Zoom. Course content includes demonstration of techniques, group discussion and weekly individual tutorials outside of class time. 

introductory courses

Suitable for beginners or those new to painting. Students will learn the basic technical knowledge around the surfaces, tools and materials used in painting. They will go on to learn how to mix colour, understand shape and tone and bring these elements together to independently produce paintings. Classes will be run by a professional artist. Progression is available onto intermediate painting. 

intermediate courses

The focus will be on learning a range of painting techniques and how to apply them using the correct tools and materials. Students will develop core painting skills such as understanding tone, line and colour. These courses are suitable for those with some experience of painting or students who have completed an Introductory class. By the end of this course students will be able to produce independent paintings using a broad range of techniques. Classes will be run by a professional artist. Progression is available onto advanced classes. 

advanced courses

This is the opportunity to experiment with materials and to adapt and combine techniques to produce personalised and independent artworks. For those able to produce paintings independently or who have completed an intermediate course. Under the guidance of a professional artist students will work on specialised projects incorporating painting techniques and materials.   

Introducing our first 'summer school' open to anyone interested in exploring the history of art through the lens of the masters and learn their specific techniques.  Join Rachel Levitas as she takes you on a global journey through Japan,  Africa, North America, India, The Pacific and Eastern Europe in her 6 week oil painting classes - The Open Door: global influences in the Art of Oil Painting

Alternatively, Liane Lang's mixed media summer school explores the immensely versatile medium of acrylic paint, combining and layering many different painting styles, applications and surfaces.

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If you have any questions about our art classes, please contact Mathew Gibson (

Our art classes are made possible with the generous support of Winsor & Newton.