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December 28, 2019 from 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm


A Multi Dimensional Holographic Performance

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Live Performance




In collaboration with Dianne Harris we are delighted to present two spectacular holographic performances.


Kemal and the Spinning Cosmos:  4pm – 435pm

A multi dimensional performance exploring universal concepts of the spinning cosmos and connection to the source of life through the ancient ceremony of whirling inspired by Sufi dance, the Dervish and Chromoscopic waveforms by International Light artist Paul Friedlander.


Munay-ki:  5pm – 530pm

An immersive Shamanic experience exploring universal energy through performance and dance. The nine rites of the Munay-Ki are energetic transmissions or connections that aim to assist transcendence into a new way of being. The origins of the Munay Ki are based on ancient knowledge and practice of the medicine people of Peru which originated from Shamans in Siberia.

Click here for an excerpt of the Spirit Dance for Munay-ki

One ticket gains access to both performances

Performance times:

4pm: Kemal and the Spinning Cosmos

435pm: interval

5pm: Munay-ki

530pm:  performance ends


Directed & Designed by Dianne Harris

Performers : Laura Cherry, Isabelle Cressy, Pascal Haring, Amamdine Limtouch, Loz Because

Music composed by Jenny Bliss, Michael Tyack & Ollie Parfitt

Live music performed by Jenny Bliss, Ollie Parfitt & Michael Tyack